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Welcome to the website for Shadow Lane Films.  Here we will keep track of current projects, both filmmaking as well as writing ventures.  Additionally, this site will be used as a creative journal; as a place to keep people updated on the progress of post-production on the current feature, Turnabout; and for storing interesting and personal information, such as my favorite directors and films, and articles on films and filmmaking theory.

Shadow Lane Films is an independent film production company located in Reno, Nevada.  The co-founders are Bobby Lane, Michael Maupin, and Scott Erickson.  They began principal photography on Shadow Lane's first feature length film in August 2000.  Turnabout, produced by all three, written and directed by Lane, starring Maupin, with post-production by Erickson, is a black and white film noir set in present day.  It follows a twenty-something videographer who gets seduced by a girl into following around her ex-boyfriend; while doing so, he stumbles upon a murder, gets framed for it, and then pursues the real murderer.

Turnabout was filmed in Reno and Lake Tahoe over the course of four years.  It is currently in post production.

Turnabout Stats

Filmed: 100%
Edited: 73 minutes (or roughly 61%)
Principal photography completed: October 2004